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Barack Obama 44th President

I know the image above has nothing to do with football but this is my blog and I will celebrate if I want to. Oh wait, it does after all since President-elect Obama is a Hammers fan.

Bayer04 TV has put up an interview with Tranquillo Barnetta. Alas, my German-fu is not strong enough to enable me to fully understand the clip. The latest entry (dated 5th Nov) in Bayer’s section in the official Bundesliga site also has a short write up about the Werkself’s good run in the past few games and a mention of the upcoming away game to Karlsruher SC. In contrast, KSC has not had a fun time of it lately. This game has meaning for Bruno Labbadia as he ended his career with KSC.

This next bit of information comes under trivia more than anything else but the team will also now travel in comfort as they have a new bus. With spiffy equipment and snacks, insofar as I can decipher from the article at the Bild website. Unfortunately, we’re all stuck with these kind of frivolous updates from the Bild until my German improves. Which is not anytime soon.

I’ll end today’s entry with a mention of a past player, Andrei Voronin, who left for the allegedly greener pastures of Anfield (insert dramatic cough here), only to find that the pitch wasn’t so green and was offloaded moved back to Hertha Berlin on loan. The plot thickens however as it now seems that the grass in Liverpool is looking good again and he wants a move back.


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