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There’s a short, short article at the Guardian about how the Werkself have quietly snuck into contention for the Bundesliga (can I say the word?!) title. Urgh. Title. I hate that word. I will refrain from further quoting Shakespeare out of context but it goes without saying that no sane Bayer fan will openly mention the T-word, not after the 2001/2002 Treble of Horror season. Bayer remains the only football club in recent history to have blown their chances at the domestic league title, domestic cup and the Champions’ League. When you take into account how Germany came in second during World Cup 2002, you will understand why Bernd Schneider now abhors the number two. I’m certainly pleased with the way the season has unfolded thus far for the Werkself but really, all it takes is a bad run and we’ll be looking at the opposite end of the table. So I’m sure fellow fans will understand why I’m keeping a tight lid on my optimism.

Another thing to fear is the January transfer window. Already rumours (and nothing more substantial) have begun to circulate regarding Renato Augusto and Inter Milan, with the Brazilian midfield magician apparently due to depart the BayArena in just a few months. I’m not too fussed about it at this stage – there’s nothing to substantiate those rumours as yet and he’s just arrived at Leverkusen – but it brings up the perennial problem of Bayer always loses its best players to other, better-paying clubs.

The Werkself might have an exciting young team at the moment but it’ll be of naught if they leave. But financial stability is a reality fans cannot run away from and Bayer no longer receives substantial funding from its parent company. It goes without saying that selling players is a way of balancing the books, especially when the club has to fund the BayArena expansion, amongst other things.

Let’s turn our attention away to happier things. Bayer faces Karlsruher SC away on Saturday. Needless to say, the Werkself is the favoured team here, with us flying high on the back of four wins and Karlsruher having lost their last five league matches.

To cap things off for the night, Adler has been chosen as part of the Team of the Month for October 2008 by the European Sports Magazine. Well done.


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