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[ credit for picture goes to Promikatur, more caricatures of footballers here.]

I thought I’d open the blog with a picture of our missing maestro, due back in November. Or thereabouts, if his rehab works out but I’m not banking on it just yet. Plus, it’s the Rhine derby this weekend, with Bayer facing (insert pejorative of choice) 1. FC Köln.

The statistics favour Bayer, with 1. FC Köln last winning the derby 11 years ago. Bayer have won six out of the last seven games against Köln (the other ended in a draw). Other amusing trivia include Bruno Labbadia (yes, the boss himself) having been sent off in both games against Köln in his last season as a professional player with Karlsruhe SC. More juicy details available at the weekly pre-match review at the offical website. Seeing how Bayer has managed to lose two games at home thus far, and with a defence as porous as a sieve, I’ll take anything other than a loss. Obviously.

In other news, a report on Germany’s win over Russia in the World Cup Qualifier in the recent international break by the ever-reliable and entertaining Raphael Honigstein. Unremarkable in and of itself, but that match also marked the international debut for Bayer’s very own René Adler as the German #1. Alas for Herr Adler, that event became a non-event in the wake of Podolski’s tragicomedy and Kuranyi’s snit fit and as such, he warranted not even a sentence in said report. I swear there’s a jinx on Bayer as anytime the club (or its players) do anything worth mentioning, some other player or team will outscore and out-drama us. Such is Bayer’s lot in life.

While we’re still on the subject of Adler, the official Bundesliga site has two nice write-ups on him, to be found in the Bayer section. I found the latter one discussing his formative years spent in Rüdiger Vollborn’s household especially interesting.


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